Mainstream Buddhist monks are to be stern on the sect that say Buddha was born in Sri Lanka

Meewanapalane Siri Dhammalankara Thero

Ideology conflicts are arisen between Buddhist fundamentalists who became popular by promoting that Buddha was born in Sri Lanka and the Buddhist monks of the main stream.

This ideology is promoted by Rev. Meewanapalane Siri Dharmalankara Thero. He and his followers reject historical evidence as conspiracy theories of West and India. There are many followers gathered around this religious group.

Sermons of this Bhikku has also become very controversial.

As the latest development of this conflict, Rev. Anamauwe Dhammadassi Thero , the deputy chief of Asgiriya chapter and a member of Thripitaka Preservation Board said that stern action will be taken against those who distort Buddhism.

But, the Thero added that the actions to be taken would be discussed in the future. 

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