Sri Lankan police officer appreciated by UN for serving refugees

Negambo OIC Woodler felicitated by UN Resident Coordination Hanna Singer
Negambo OIC Woodler felicitated by UN Resident Coordination Hanna Singer

United Nations in Sri Lanka conveyed special appreciation to Mr. Woodler, Headquarters Inspector of Negombo police station for his act of protecting refugees from foreign countries residing in Sri Lanka, who were displaced again after Easter Sunday terrorist attacks on April 21st

Who are these refugees? UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has provided temporary refuge in Sri Lanka to around 800 refugees from a few countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. They mostly resided in Negambo town, a multi-ethnic town close to the country’s main international airport, until their application for refugee status is processed and they were provided with countries to go.

After the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks, the neighbours threatened them and the landlords forced them to vacate the houses they had temporarily sheltered. The refugees had nowhere to go.

The letter by Ms. Hanna Singer, the resident coordinator of the United Nations to the Officer in Charge of Negambo police station Mr. Woodler on May 31st contained appreciation for facilitating these refugees to stay at the police station for over six weeks despite limited space and infrastructure.

Ms. Hanna Singer twitted on August 16th “Every day in #lka I meet so many inspiring individuals whose #compassion, resolve, sense-of-duty, passion to serve, knows no bounds. Chief INSP Wootler is one such person, offering shelter at the Negombo Police Station to asylum-seekers & #refugees who had nowhere else to go.”

It is the responsibility of the global population to treat the refugees humanly.

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