World frowns at Sri Lanka’s new Army chief

Lt. General Shavendra Silva

World media frowned at appointing Lt. General Shavendra Silva as the Commander of Sri Lanka Army due to war crime allegations against him during the last stage of war with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE).

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However, Silva is considered a war hero by the majority Sinhala community of the island because of his service related to annihilating LTTE.

Silva has four months to go until his retirement time and he will enjoy a service extension of further six months, sources say.

Most of the local media remained neutral about the appointment whereas international media heavily criticized President Maithripala Sirisena’s move.

Following are some of the headlines of the international reports regarding the appointment.

General accused of war crimes appointed Sri Lanka army chief
Yahoo News

Sri Lanka Names Controversial Field Commander Lt Gen Shavendra Silva As Army Chief
PTI via News 18

General accused of war abuses named Sri Lanka’s army chief
ABC News

General accused of war abuses named Sri Lanka’s army chief
ABC News

Sri Lankan general accused of war abuses appointed army chief –

Sri Lanka names war veteran as army chief, US, UN critical of decision – Reuters

Appointment of alleged war criminal to head of Sri Lanka army ‘deeply troubling’, says UN human rights chief – UN News

Four Corners: Notre Dame, Turkey convoy, and Sri Lanka army Chief
The National

Sri Lanka names controversial field commander accused of war crimes as Army chief
India Today

Sri Lanka says international criticism over new army chief ‘unwarranted’

Sri Lanka names general accused of war crimes as army chief, faces international backlash over backlash over selection, AFP via.Firstpost

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